What REALLY Are The Poneglyphs? Blackbeard’s Plan Revealed!

It has been suggested that Gol D. Roger possessed the ability to hear the voice of all things, allowing him to communicate with the ancient Poneglyphs. However, what if what Roger was hearing wasn’t from an inanimate object, but rather the remnants of something that was once alive? Let’s delve into this intriguing theory.

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800 years ago, Nefertari D. Lily distributed the Poneglyphs, large unbreakable stones with ancient inscriptions, to the Allied Nations around the world. Her hope was that centuries later, individuals or a group would come together to read the messages inscribed on each stone and piece together the true history, revealing the atrocities committed by the ancient emperors. Roger and his crew believed they were those individuals, but they may have been too early, paving the way for a new generation to come to their own conclusions.

Roger had a unique connection with the Poneglyphs, as if they were alive. The voice of all things treated these stones as if they had a consciousness, which suggests that these stones might not have always been inanimate objects. Drawing parallels with Egyptian mythology, there may be more to these stones than meets the eye.

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Blackbeard’s interests and plans in the post-time skip era could hold the key to this theory. He seems to have a fascination with archaeology, and it’s suggested that he wants to use Pudding’s memory fruit to access the Poneglyphs. Blackbeard’s desire for specific Devil Fruits and his interactions with key characters like Moria and Kuma play into this theory. It’s possible that Blackbeard’s goal is to reassemble something significant from the Poneglyphs.

This theory also explores the concept of Joy Boy being a central figure in the story. Joy Boy may have been split into pieces and distributed among the Allies during the Void Century, similar to the Osiris myth in Egyptian mythology. The Poneglyphs could be pieces of Joy Boy, and the goal may not be to physically reassemble them but to piece together the true history they represent.

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Wano is expected to play a crucial role in the story, with various characters converging there. The missing pieces, such as the giant straw hat, the ancient robot under Egghead, and the role of the government, could be connected to the grand plan involving the Poneglyphs and the true history.

Ultimately, this theory suggests that Blackbeard’s plan to reassemble Joy Boy and Roger’s goal of uncovering the true history may lead to a worldwide revolution, uniting the world under the banner of the Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. The Poneglyphs could hold the key to revealing the world’s hidden past and igniting a quest for freedom and justice.

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