Vanessa Ray and Will Estes say Tom Selleck keeps fans watching Blue Bloods

“Blue Bloods” stars Vanessa Ray and Will Estes attribute the show’s enduring popularity to Tom Selleck, who portrays Frank Reagan, the steadfast head of the Reagan family. Selleck’s portrayal anchors the narrative, with the family’s deep ties to law enforcement in New York City providing a compelling backdrop. The recurring theme of family dinners underscores the importance of familial bonds, with Selleck essentially serving as the face of the series.

In a recent interview discussing Season 9, Estes emphasized Selleck’s dedication and competence, both on and off the set. Selleck’s leadership, preparation, and deep understanding of character and story resonate with the cast, inspiring admiration and valuable lessons. Despite his remarkable talent, Selleck’s focus remains on acting, a decision applauded by Estes and Ray.

Selleck’s impact on “Blue Bloods” extends beyond his acting prowess, setting a standard for excellence that permeates the entire production. His legendary career and wealth of experience make him an invaluable asset behind the scenes and onscreen, contributing significantly to the show’s ongoing success.

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