Unveiling the True Reason ‘NCIS’ Retained Mark Harmon in Opening Credits for 11 Months

Why didn’t the showrunners of ‘NCIS’ remove Mark Harmon’s name from the opening credits as soon as he departed the show? According to the executive producer, here’s why.

NCIS fans never wanted to see Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs, leave the show. From the first season, Harmon was a mainstay as Gibbs.

While the series left the door open for his eventual comeback, no definite plans to bring him back have been announced. Despite Harmon’s definitive departure from the show, NCIS showrunners didn’t remove him from the opening credits for nearly a year. This is why.

Why didn’t ‘NCIS’ delete Mark Harmon’s name from the credits right away?

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Mark Harmon, known for his portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, remained a pivotal part of the show for an impressive 19 seasons before deciding to retire. Concerns arose among fans about the show’s future without Gibbs, who had become an adored character.

The decision to keep Harmon in the opening credits for 11 months after his departure reflected the showrunners’ reluctance to bid farewell to Gibbs immediately. Despite Gibbs leaving the team behind in season 19, episode 4, opting to reside in Naktok Bay, Alaska, his influence lingered.

The delay in removing Harmon’s name from the credits stemmed from the showrunners’ desire not to update them mid-season. Even though Harmon quit at the beginning of Season 19 with 17 episodes remaining, the creators wanted Gibbs to have a presence in some form until the season’s conclusion.

Executive producer Steven D. Binder explained, “Gibbs left a huge imprint on the team, and it’ll take more than a year for that to fade. I don’t want it to fade because then I won’t be able to have Gibbs. I still appreciate his presence in there.” Moreover, Binder highlighted the practical challenges involved in removing Harmon from the credits, as the decision wasn’t finalized when the season concluded. It was a particularly demanding season, and addressing this aspect would have added to the complexities they were already navigating.

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