TRUE NATURE of god valley incident CH1095

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I think at the infamous god valley incident when the world nobles started their sickened game on god valley rocks either came to rescue the slaves or kill the world nobles an on his way Garp was a young officer was following rocks ship in attempt to capture him not knowing that he is going to god valley then Garp gets a alert probably from marines at god valley that rocks is going there to kill celestial dragons so in this grave situation Garp teamed up with roger (or roger knew about it and was already following to stop rocks )to help stop rocks after their clash involving many now ancient marine vice admirals roger went his own way with some treasure looted from the valley .

after the danger of rocks was gone celestials continued their game which was witnessed by Garp, Fuji taro and some other veteran marines making them realise the true nature if the celestials and the world government and hating it (might be when Fuji taro cut his eyes off).

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after game ended or concluded due to the aftermath of war emu erased the god valley completely from the map or it could be part of the native cleansing game as when you think how come the celestial play this horrendous game without the world and media not knowing and revolting it as natives, their entire race being wiped out is bound to be noticable so emu just deletes the island to wipe any evidence in EVERY GAME dammmmn

what do you think happned ? thought of this after realizing a lot of veteran marines are vice admerals could be they chose to be that like garp

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