Tom Selleck Confesses Why He Truly Hated Her

Blue Bloods, now in its 14th season, holds some intriguing behind-the-scenes moments:

Food at Dinner Scenes: Some actors eat the food to avoid waste, while Tom Selleck finds eating scenes challenging.
Real-life Brothers: Jack and Sean, Danny Reagan’s sons, are played by real-life brothers Tony and Andrew Terraciano.
Commissioner Reagan’s House: The exterior is a real home in Brooklyn owned by Maronite Middle Eastern Catholics.
Script Editing: Former NYPD detective James Nusserfero ensures script accuracy.
Magnum PI Connection: Tom Selleck was the original Thomas Magnum.
Boy Band Past: Donnie Wahlberg, aka Danny Reagan, was part of New Kids on the Block.
Creators’ Sopranos Background: Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green worked on The Sopranos.
Tom Selleck’s Mustache: Executives insisted on keeping Selleck’s iconic mustache.
Avoiding Toronto Filming: Negotiations kept Blue Bloods filming in New York.
Jennifer Esposito Controversy: She was fired during Season 3, leading to controversy.
These snippets add depth to the Blue Bloods experience, revealing the show’s unique behind-the-scenes dynamics.

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