Times Luffy Did Things Exactly Like Gol D Roger Fans Didn’t Even Notice Oda Is Playing Games

From the start of One Piece, Luffy has been saying that he wants to be the next Pirate King. Through multiple battles and accomplishments, he’s more than proven that he’s capable of achieving his dreams. But it’s not just that he’s amazing in his own right, it’s that sometimes it seems like he’s embodying the spirit of the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

Multiple characters, from Crocus to Pedro, have noticed that Luffy has the same air about him that Roger does. They also both possess a rare ability – the Voice of All Things. Also, we recently learned that the hat Luffy got from Shanks originally belonged to Roger. These connections appear from the start of the story, proving that the creator Eiichiro Oda is the king of advanced planning.

7.The Loguetown Execution

We first learn about Gol D. Roger’s existence when the Straw Hats arrive at Loguetown – the place where he was publicly executed, and the place where he set the whole pirating world on a quest to find the One Piece.

Luffy is nearly executed there too, albeit under very different circumstances. Just like Roger, he accepts his fate with a smile. Smoker notes that Luffy’s expression is just like Roger’s was.

But in Luffy’s case, a rogue bolt of lightning sets him free.

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6.When Luffy Repeats Gol D. Roger’s Words

This is one of the most beautiful moments in One Piece, period. It’s a dreamlike scene that integrates Luffy’s childhood with Gol D. Roger’s past. Without having any idea who Roger is, Luffy declares that he wants the same thing that Roger wants out of life – to be the freest person on the sea.

This lofty ideal links the two of them across time, and shows that Luffy truly does have the spirit of the Pirate King.

5.The Voice Of All Things

The Voice of All Things is a rare ability that allows the user to hear the voice of anything – including inanimate objects. The most famous user of this ability is Gol D. Roger. Roger was able to communicate with Sea Kings and detect Poneglyphs using this method, a process which ultimately led him to Laugh Tale.

So far, Luffy hasn’t shown skills on par with Roger’s, but there’s no reason that he couldn’t in the future. For now, he’s able to communicate with animals like Sea Kings and Zunesha.

4.They Both Hooked Their First Mates In The Same Way

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Both Roger and Luffy have a history of finding someone who interests them and insisting that they join their crew, whether that person wants to or not. In Roger’s case, this was Silvers Rayleigh, and in Luffy’s case, it was Zoro.

In both cases, they ultimately managed to win them over with their personality and skills, and ended up taking them on as first mates.

3.The Straw Hat

From the start of One Piece, Luffy’s prized possession is his straw hat. He values it because he got it from Shanks, a pirate who he’s always admired greatly. He hopes to one day be able to face Shanks on equal footing and return the hat to him.

But the hat wasn’t originally worn by Shanks – it was given to him by Gol D. Roger. That imbues it with even more significance.

2.The Will Of D.

1.Luffy’s Laugh After Defeating Kaido

After defeating Kaido using Gear 5, Luffy starts laughing. This might be because he’s relieved to finally defeat Kaido and free the people of Wano from oppression. It might also be because using Gear 5 – an inherently ridiculous ability – reminded him that his journey was supposed to be fun, not miserable.

This connects him to Gol D. Roger’s reaction when he reaches the last island in the New World and finds the treasure left by Joy Boy. Much like Luffy, Roger laughs after accomplishing something difficult – in fact, he even names the island Laugh Tale.

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