This One Piece ENDGAME Theory Changes EVERYTHING!

Blackbeard’s goal is to mirror but also contrast Luffy’s dream in a crazy way. By the end of this video, you’ll understand what I just said, as well as both Luffy and Blackbeard’s dreams. Yes, you read the title right – Luffy will team up with Blackbeard. This is the One Piece team-up no one’s expecting, and trust me, I know it sounds crazy, but today I’ll explain how and why Luffy and Blackbeard will defeat Emu together. The entire One Piece story has been setting this up, and I promise that by the end of the video, it will all make sense.

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Before we dive in, please leave a like. These videos take a ton of time, research, and hardware to make, and it really does go a long way to help us out. So, first off, let’s look at Blackbeard himself. He’s a man who’s always been the opposite yet the same as Luffy. Of course, it sounds crazy for these two to team up because, in Luffy and Blackbeard’s very first meeting, we see their vast differences. Luffy is disgusted by Blackbeard’s favorite Mocktown cherry pies, and Blackbeard is disgusted by Luffy’s favorite drinks. Also, I just want to point out how funny it is that Oda in an SBS once said how Luffy’s least favorite food is cherry pies but specifically the ones that Blackbeard likes. So, it is clear that they’re opposites.

But one crucial piece of interaction is their similarities. Blackbeard and Luffy are so opposite and so different yet also eerily similar, making Blackbeard Luffy’s greatest foil. You know right when they drink and eat these drinks and pies, they begin competing with each other immediately over who would buy more food. So, in their very competitive, childish, and petty nature – Blackbeard is shown many times laughing in the face of Joy Boy. Despite this, Luffy just stands there silently. It feels like these two are overgrown pirate children who were always destined to fight.

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But then again, Blackbeard believes in ambition. He believes in dreams. It was Blackbeard who said, “Dreams never die,” something that we’ve never had to take for granted with Luffy, a man who always believes in his dreams and continuously achieves what people like Bellamy would claim was impossible. And then, it was Blackbeard of all people who believed in Luffy and believes in the great pirate mysteries like the One Piece. It was Blackbeard who was so genuinely hyped and excited when he met Luffy again and put it down, saying, “You did visit the Sky Island. I was right; it did exist.”

So, how do we get past Luffy and Blackbeard’s pride? I think the answer is a lot more simple than we realize. But before I reveal this, make sure you subscribe if you’re not already. I’ve been working on a massive One Piece overview, analyzing and giving my thoughts on the entire arc. It’s already a 50+ page script, and I haven’t even mentioned Zoro vs. King or Gear 5 yet. So, if you like long in-depth content, you’re not going to want to miss them. So, hit that bell like Luffy on Skype to be notified every time we drop a video.

A while ago, I made an entire video about Blackbeard and Luffy being two sides of the same coin, both representing freedom, but Luffy being the symbol of liberation as the warrior of Liberation, Sun God Nika, and Blackbeard being a symbol of anarchy, with absolute chaos and destruction ensuing through his Yami Yami no Mi (Dark-Dark Fruit), the Gura Gura no Mi (Quake-Quake Fruit), and the potential mythical Zoan fruit he may acquire. In this context, even together, Luffy putting his pride aside to defeat the World Government and Emu, who upholds the Celestial Dragons’ foundations and liberates the world from corruption from a hundred years of deception, I think it really rests on Luffy because we’ve seen time and time again how selfless Luffy is. He’s always saving others, even if he says he doesn’t want the recognition as a hero; he’s truly only doing it from the goodness of his heart.

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Then, if we look at the chaos that ensues, symbolized by Blackbeard, he is someone seeking power. With Blackbeard, we’ve even seen him have the audacity to ask the World Government to make Hachinosu a Pirate Kingdom and references this as his dream, implying his ultimate dream is to be the king of a Pirate Kingdom. But then, remember what Shanks said to Teach about Whitebeard. He mentions Blackbeard’s ambition, that he’ll never stop, a man always chasing bigger and greater goals. So, if being a Pirate King, an actual ruler of his own nation is the first step, his ultimate ambition would be to conquer the entire world, sitting upon the throne atop the world and creating a full-on anarchy era. Laughing at their childishness and pettiness, Oda subtly reminds us of the profound dichotomy between these two iconic characters.

This is Teacher’s motivation to defeat Emu, while Luffy is the opposite of Teach, saying that he doesn’t want to actually conquer anything; he just wants to be the freest man on the sea. If we consider the dynamic between Teach and Luffy, we can assume their ambitions are both grand, they’re both wild dreams, similar yet different. I believe Luffy and Blackbeard both share the same dream: to create a Pirate Paradise, a kingdom of pirates. The difference would be their vision for the kingdom, as well as their interpretation of the title of the King of the Pirates.

If Luffy is compared to Roger, and we know Roger said that he wished he could see Joy Boy’s era, and we know he was so excited for Joy Boy to return, that means Luffy is a new Joy Boy. He will have to recreate this era as the modern-day Joy Boy. And then, we could look at Blackbeard, closer to the modern-day Zebec, instead of Roger. Remember, Rocks D. Xebec’s ultimate goal was to become the King of the World. This could imply that Xebec learned the truth about Emu and the throne and wanted it for himself, as he was described as the man who attacked the World Government like a terrorist organization with his powerful crew. So that could be the similar motivation for Blackbeard going to war with Emu in the very end of the series.

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And now, let’s go back to Luffy. But first, make sure you like the video if you’ve enjoyed it so far. So, Luffy has already established his tendencies and willingness to attack the Celestial Dragons. I mean, he straight up humbled Charloss at Sabaody, and he was disgusted with the Celestial Dragons even before that. We know that Emu and the Gorosei killed King Cobra, who is Vivi’s father and a friend of the Straw Hat’s crew. Luffy’s taken down Doflamingo in a fated battle against the gods. And let’s not forget about how Zoro was willing to slice up Charloss even before.

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