THIS CHAPTER IS HYPEEE!!! | One Piece Chapter 1095 Full Spoilers

The chapter begins with a reader-requested cover page featuring a monkey taking Buggy’s nose. It’s a fun but mysterious cover page, and it makes me wonder about Buggy’s powers.

In the chapter, we see Saint Saturn continuing his relentless assault, ignoring the vice admirals’ attempts to stop him. His powers are formidable, and he easily deflects Bon’s attack without a scratch. It’s clear that Saint Saturn is no pushover, and there’s no way the Straw Hats can win this fight.

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Saturn uses his mysterious power to attack Bonnie and Sanji by emitting an aura from his eyes, causing internal bleeding. It’s reminiscent of the Ushi Oni’s soul-sucking stare, but instead of souls, it’s blood that’s affected. Bonnie’s endurance is impressive, given her recent battles.

Kizaru apologizes to Saturn for not being able to move, but it seems like he’s stalling on purpose because he may not truly want to harm Vegapunk.

Saturn attempts to stomp on Luffy, but Franky saves him by extending his arm. Luffy is conscious but remains silent, raising questions about how he’s dealing with Saturn’s powers. Could he be communicating through Voice of All Things?

Vegapunk, Bonnie, Sanji, and Franky are all incapacitated by Saturn’s mysterious power, adding to the growing mystery surrounding him.

Saturn grabs Bonnie and triggers a flashback where we learn that Kuma was part of the “buccaneer” race, a hybrid of giants, making them incredibly strong. Kuma’s father shared a touching moment with him about the legend of Nika, emphasizing the connection between the buccaneer race and the ancient past.

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A new flashback takes us to 47 years ago in the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma was born into a mixed-race family. The world government captures his family due to their bloodline’s strength, and his mother’s death leaves a deep impact. Kuma’s father shares the Nika legend with him, showing their connection to ancient history.

The story shifts to 38 years ago when a human hunting game was conducted by Celestial Dragons on God Valley, an island in the West Blue. The island’s king tried to resist but was killed by a young Garling (Figuratively). This reveals more about Garling’s past and the brutality of the Celestial Dragons.

The Celestial Dragons release problematic slaves on the island during these games, wiping them out along with the island’s native people. They claim the island as their own afterward.

We see a teenage Saint Saturn, who hasn’t aged a day, present on God Valley. It raises questions about his age and his potential connection to the ancient past.

The story goes back to 40 years ago, showing a young Kuma being dragged by other slaves. Suddenly, two mysterious figures appear, including a young Emporio Ivanov (Iva-san). This continues the flashback from Chapter 1074.

Ivanov and a girl named Jinny/Guinea interact with Kuma. This young Ivanov looks remarkably similar to his adult self, and his connection with Kuma is intriguing.

On the final page, we learn that Shanks, as a baby, was present on God Valley and somehow ends up in a treasure chest that Roger pilfered. This explains their close relationship and raises questions about Shanks’s early life.

The chapter promises to uncover more about God Valley, the Rocks Pirates, and the ancient history of the world. With so many characters converging on this island, it’s bound to be a significant turning point in the One Piece story.

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