The Rumors have been confirmed – Vanessa Ray and Will Estes Share a Real-Life Friendship Outside of Their Roles

In the TV series “Blue Bloods,” characters Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) develop a professional partnership that turns into a romantic relationship. Despite their commitment to the job, the on-screen romance blossoms into marriage.

Off-screen, Estes and Ray share a genuine friendship that has developed over the years. According to Ray, they constantly engage in conversation, even when not filming, showcasing a deep connection. Ray mentioned in an interview that Estes has been her scene partner for eight or nine years, emphasizing the unique understanding they have of each other due to their long hours on set.

Ray posted a photo on Instagram in 2019, showing her and Estes holding hands with the caption featuring emojis and the hashtag ” #jamko,” a fan-made term for their on-screen characters. This off-screen bond likely contributes to the explosive chemistry between Jamie and Eddie on “Blue Bloods.”

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