The Reason Blackbeard Has 3 Devil Fruits is Finally Revealed… / One Piece Chapter 1095

It suggests that Blackbeard might not just possess two Devil Fruits but actually three. The key to this mystery lies in his distinctive laugh, which is a common pattern among characters in the One Piece world. Many of these characters have laughs derived from the names of their respective Devil Fruits. For example, Whitebeard’s “Gura Gura” comes from his Gura Gura no Mi, Perona’s “Horohoro” laugh corresponds to her Horo Horo no Mi, and Big Mom’s Chef’s laughter matches with the Cuckoo Cuckoo no Mi fruit.

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Now, let’s focus on Blackbeard’s laugh, “Zehaha.” This laugh pattern raises questions about what type of Devil Fruit he might possess. In this theory, it’s suggested that Blackbeard might have consumed a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit modeled after a creature known as the “Ba” or “Ba Z” (pronounced “Hakutaku” in Japanese). The “Zha” in Blackbeard’s laugh, when combined with the first and last letters of his name, gives us “Zha,” which is the source of his unique laugh.

The “Ba” is described as a spiritual being that appears as a combination of a tiger, sheep, or lion with several horns and three faces—one on the front and two on the sides, each with three eyes. Interestingly, Blackbeard’s flag features three skulls, which has fueled countless theories about his character. This could be an intentional clue from Oda about Blackbeard’s true nature. Furthermore, Blackbeard wields three guns, which might tie into the legend of the “Ba” having three souls, potentially explaining why he can handle multiple Devil Fruits.

The “Ba” is known for its beard, which somewhat resembles Blackbeard’s own facial hair. While this might not be definitive evidence, it’s worth considering. Additionally, the “Ba” is said to cause earthquakes when angered, which aligns with Blackbeard’s possession of Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, the Earthquake Fruit.

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The theory suggests that the “Ba” also has three souls, which could explain Blackbeard’s ability to host multiple Devil Fruits, as each fruit might be linked to a soul. This might also account for Blackbeard’s changing personality traits, as each soul could represent a different aspect of his character.

The “Ba” is described as a “cultured beast” with knowledge dating back to ancient times. This aligns with Oda’s statement that Blackbeard’s favorite hobby is historical research. It’s suggested that Blackbeard’s ability to read and understand ancient languages, such as Poneglyphs, could be linked to his Devil Fruit.

This theory also raises the possibility that Blackbeard comes from the same race as Kuma, known as the “Buccaneer race.” The Buccanears resemble Blackbeard and could share some common traits, which might explain Blackbeard’s abilities.

The theory suggests that Blackbeard could have eaten the “Ba” Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit when he was a child, potentially in God Valley. This could have been acquired by Rocks D. Xebec, who might have passed it down to Blackbeard, who is speculated to be his son. This mirrors Luffy’s acquisition of the Gomu Gomu no Mi from Shanks when he was a child.

In conclusion, this theory presents an intriguing perspective on Blackbeard’s abilities and character, tying his laugh, his name, the “Ba” creature, his unique traits, and even his relationships to potential sources of his powers. While this theory is speculative, it offers a fresh and exciting angle on the mysteries surrounding Blackbeard in the world of One Piece

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