The Origin of the Ancient Kingdom – JoyBoy & Imu Theory

Unlocking the Hidden Symbolism: Could the One Piece World’s Mysterious Spheres Hold the Key to Its Ancient Past?

In the vast and intricate world of One Piece, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a recurring symbol—a significant sphere with eight satellites surrounding it. This emblem appears in seemingly unrelated places, including Skypiea in the Shandian crest, Alabasta’s flag, and the Kozuki crest in Wano. What could this symbol signify, and how does it connect these diverse locations?

Could it be that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has subtly unveiled the symbol of the enigmatic ancient kingdom without us realizing it? In this blog post, we delve into this intriguing theory.

The scholars of Ohara, renowned for their knowledge of the world’s history, provide a pivotal clue. Within their vast library, a massive globe displays the One Piece world, encircled by multiple spheres. While it’s plausible that the scholars believed in a geocentric model, it’s equally reasonable to consider a more sophisticated interpretation—multiple moons orbiting the planet.

If these orbs were indeed moons, it raises an intriguing question: Why do we only ever see one moon, Vearth, in the night sky? We know that Vearth once hosted life and that the Birkans from Skypiea originated from there. So, what happened to the other moons from Ohara’s astronomical model?

Our theory postulates that in the past, there were eight moons, each inhabited by distinct intelligent races, cultures, and technologies. Some cataclysmic event prompted their abandonment or destruction, leading these diverse groups to seek refuge on Earth.

The races in the One Piece world are as diverse as the moons’ potential inhabitants: Giants, Fishmen, Tontatta, long-limb tribes, minks, Sky Islanders, humans, and possibly more, such as the three-eyed tribe and perhaps a demon or devil race. Each group could have originated from one of these moons.

This concept draws inspiration from Norse mythology, particularly Yggdrasil, the World Tree with nine interconnected realms. Midgard, the realm of humans, lies at its center, while the other eight realms are home to various races, including dwarfs and giants. Interestingly, these races already exist in the One Piece world, with Elbaf, the giant’s island, clearly inspired by Norse mythology.

As we explore this theory further, we speculate that each race, forced to leave its moon, arrived on Earth—a world already marked by conflict, power struggles, and prejudice. The races engaged in perpetual warfare, divided by their differences.

Enter a charismatic and powerful leader—Joy Boy—who gathers members from all races under his banner. This diverse group champions wisdom, friendship, and equality, ultimately forming a kingdom that becomes a beacon of peace and prosperity.

Joy Boy’s overarching goal is to unite the races, ending violence, segregation, and racism, and creating a world of freedom and justice. This aspiration aligns with the core theme of One Piece. We know Joy Boy started this mission by promising Fishmen equality and a place on the surface.

However, the rise of this kingdom, with its ideals of equality and freedom, posed a threat to human kingdoms, leading them to conspire against Joy Boy. In their bid to overthrow him, they found an unlikely ally—the king of the demon clan, a race feared and shunned by all others.

The demon king offered the human kings a deal: in exchange for his people’s powers, they would make the humans gods and rulers of the world, all orchestrated from the shadows. Blinded by power, nineteen kings agreed, while the king of Alabasta secretly warned Joy Boy.

The demon king’s devil fruit powers transformed the world’s geography, securing the kings’ dominion for centuries. This event marked the fall of the ancient kingdom, but Joy Boy’s vision endured.

The Kozuki clan, part of Joy Boy’s kingdom, crafted poneglyphs containing the true history of the world, while the ancient kingdom developed three formidable weapons—Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranos—to counter devil fruit powers. Laugh Tale hides another secret that could reshape the world.

With the sudden appearance of devil fruit powers, the tide of war shifted, and the world’s geography was forcibly altered to serve the kings’ interests. The ancient kingdom crumbled, leaving us to await the return of a new Joy Boy.

This theory offers a fascinating perspective on the hidden layers of the One Piece world and hints at the epic revelations yet to come in Eiichiro Oda’s masterful storytelling.

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