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In the ever-evolving world of Boruto, fans are abuzz with theories and speculations about the intriguing developments in the manga. One captivating theory that has been gaining traction is the striking resemblance between Boruto’s predicament and the classic time-traveling tale of Future Trunks from the Dragon Ball series. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Boruto and explore the potential twists and turns in the storyline.

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Boruto Uzumaki appears to possess knowledge of a grim future he is determined to prevent. The burning question on fans’ minds is how this future came to pass in the first place. The prevailing theory is that Boruto’s involvement in current events may have altered the timeline, leading to multiple timelines coexisting. While this concept is more evident in the anime, the manga suggests a more intricate narrative.

In this alternate timeline, it is believed that certain key events may have transpired differently. For instance, the difficulty Boruto faced against Sarada might not have resulted from Sasuke’s death but rather because Sarada herself met a tragic end. According to this theory, Boruto wasn’t originally part of this timeline, but his intervention has reshaped the future.

The core of this theory revolves around the malevolent Claw Grimes, also known as the Ten Tails. In the original timeline, it is posited that the Ten Tails gained sentience, absorbing Code and acquiring immense power. In this dystopian future, Konoha and its heroes fall victim to the relentless onslaught of the Claw Grimes. Even Kawaki, who appears to play a pivotal role, may have met a gruesome fate, further empowering the Ten Tails.

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Boruto, having witnessed this apocalyptic future, is now on a mission to rewrite history and prevent this catastrophe from occurring. However, much like Future Trunks’ struggle to prevent the Androids’ reign of terror, Boruto may find altering the past more challenging than anticipated.

The theory suggests that Boruto, with the assistance of his comrades including Sarada, Mitsuki, Himawari, Ino-Shika-Cho, and more, will need to undergo rigorous training to confront the Ten Tails. Their current abilities may not be sufficient to face this formidable foe.

The Claw Grimes, particularly the Ten Tails, is believed to evolve as it absorbs more individuals. It is speculated that Code, while currently considered the primary antagonist, is merely a catalyst for the Ten Tails’ impending terror. The Ten Tails, with its newfound sentience, might even be on the verge of changing the very nature of its existence, gaining Rinnegan-like abilities.

The quantity of Claw Grimes is a significant factor in their favor. The ability to shift between multiple bodies, coupled with their newfound sentience, makes them an incredibly formidable threat. This theory suggests that they may eventually consolidate their power behind a single, dominant Ten Tails with Rinnegan-like powers.

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To counteract this immense threat, it is believed that Code must be consumed by the Ten Tails, as his Karma is a critical component in their evolution. The belt technique, allowing them to teleport between bodies, would significantly diminish if Code is eliminated.

One chilling aspect of this theory is the Claw Grimes’ potential to expand beyond the boundaries of their current dimension. With the right power and abilities, they could infiltrate other dimensions and absorb even more powerful beings. This raises the specter of a multidimensional, all-encompassing attack that extends far beyond Konoha.

The Claw Grimes’ ability to mask their presence, once the Ten Tails gains sentience, adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation. Their ability to evade detection poses a formidable challenge.

As fans eagerly await the next developments in the Boruto manga, it’s clear that the story is entering into uncharted territory with time-travel elements and multiple timelines. If this theory holds true, Boruto and his comrades face an arduous battle against the Claw Grimes and the Ten Tails, with the fate of the Shinobi world hanging in the balance. The potential twists and turns in this narrative promise a thrilling and suspenseful journey for Boruto fans, reminiscent of some of the best time-traveling stories in anime and manga.

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