STRICT Rules The NCIS Cast Are FORCED To Follow..!!

From making actors learn a whole new language to subjecting them to a grueling shooting schedule, the cast of NCIS certainly has its share of demanding challenges. To deliver the spectacular show viewers love, they go the extra mile, including working out multiple times a day. But let’s dive deeper into the intense world of the NCIS cast.

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First, the formidable Katrina Law, who’s taken on physically demanding roles in the past. Her training regimen is a testament to her dedication. Balancing fitness with NCIS’ demanding shooting schedule was no easy feat. Her day started at 4 a.m., hitting the gym at 5 a.m., and by 6 a.m., she was in the makeup chair preparing for a long day of shooting. But that wasn’t all; she had to squeeze in additional workouts in her trailer between takes. That’s the level of commitment these actors have.

Cote de Pablo, who portrayed Ziva David, faced unique language challenges. Her character demanded fluency in Hebrew, even though she’s bilingual in English and Spanish. She had to master Hebrew within days, and the pressure was immense. She didn’t consider her performance perfect, but she displayed extraordinary dedication to get it right.

Learning lines is one thing, but mastering a new language is another. Pauley Perrette, who played Abby Sciuto, learned sign language for an NCIS episode. She already knew it due to her mother’s deafness, but her co-star, Mark Harmon, who played Jethro Gibbs, also studied sign language to ensure a flawless performance.

The cast of NCIS goes the extra mile by training with actual NCIS agents to perfect their performances. They learn about the formal Naval inquiry process, body language, non-verbal communication, and even work with behavioral analysts. Their goal is to think like agents and bring out the best, most believable performances.

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It doesn’t stop at language and physical training; the show incorporates real elements for authenticity. The Most Wanted wall features real criminals, and old news videos are used. While NCIS is a show, its creators strive to make it as realistic as possible.

When it comes to working hours, the cast puts in an average of 12 hours per day. Tim McGee, played by Sean Murray, stated that they are now familiar with their roles, making the workload manageable. But imagine how grueling it used to be, considering this schedule is considered lighter!

Sasha Alexander, who portrayed Caitlyn Todd, left the show after two seasons due to the demanding filming schedule. The intense work routine was too much for her, even though she was a key figure in the early seasons. She decided to move on and enjoy a more balanced life with family and her own space. Interestingly, this role was almost given to Jennifer Aniston, but her commitment to “Friends” kept her busy.

The NCIS cast faces numerous challenges, from mastering new languages to intense physical training, to grueling hours on set. Yet, their dedication to delivering a compelling and realistic show is evident in their commitment to these demanding aspects of their roles.

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