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Shanks has consistently exhibited an extraordinary knack for traveling at incredible speeds, a characteristic that’s been heavily emphasized throughout the One Piece narrative. One striking example of this was when he seemingly materialized out of nowhere to confront Kaido, leaving everyone astonished by his arrival. Additionally, he managed to journey to the Marine headquarters in less than a day, a feat that baffled even the Marines themselves, who couldn’t fathom how he got there so quickly.

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In storytelling, when an element is repeatedly highlighted, it often signals that there’s an underlying reason or explanation. Shanks’ seemingly magical ability to traverse vast distances rapidly has raised intriguing questions. Such a consistent portrayal may be an intentional clue to a hidden aspect of his power.

Another compelling aspect to consider is Saturn’s unique method of traveling. Saturn, a character who utilizes a magical circle for transportation, possesses a wide array of mystical abilities. These powers include controlling people’s movements, identifying individuals, and even healing. However, the use of the magical circle stands out as an additional enigmatic facet of his abilities.

The intriguing idea that Im-sama might be the source of this mystical power adds another layer to the discussion. It suggests that certain select individuals could tap into this hidden, godly force, granting them extraordinary abilities. Given Shanks’ established reputation for rapid and seemingly magical travel, it’s not unreasonable to speculate that he might also be in possession of such a magical capability.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the notion of Shanks having this power isn’t an attempt to suggest that he requires more power, as he is already one of the most formidable characters in the One Piece world. Rather, it’s a contemplation of how this magical circle might fit within the established narrative, offering an interesting perspective on his character and abilities.

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