Rocks D. Xebec is Still ALIVE You Wont Believe What Oda Did

Guti brings up an interesting theory about Zebek potentially being alive. In episode 437, around the five-minute mark, there’s a frozen character who resembles Zebek. They even mention the possibility of him being preserved for the future. While this is a fun idea, the frozen character is most likely not Zebek. We know his name is Cairo Correo and not Zebek. However, the theory of Zebek’s possible return or involvement in the story is still intriguing.

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Now, let’s dive into Attack on Titan’s final season. The decision to split it into multiple portions over the years may have been motivated by marketing strategies. It can indeed come across as a bit disingenuous to repeatedly label it the final season. Whether the last part should be in a movie is debatable. It might be more enjoyable for fans to experience the content over multiple episodes, as it offers a more comprehensive experience.

Next, Major Boros asks about a battle between the Prime Roger Pirates and the Worst Generation. The Prime Roger Pirates would have the upper hand, with Prime Roger and Rayleigh being formidable forces. While the Worst Generation members have grown stronger, taking down Big Mom and Kaido, they may still be outmatched by the legendary Roger Pirates.

Nate Dog wonders about the timeline for Boruto’s battle with Kawaki, which we’ve seen glimpses of in the first episode. It’s challenging to pinpoint when this battle will take place since Boruto’s story is ongoing. Based on the current pace, it may still be a few years away before the anime catches up to this moment.

Delamonte inquires about Blackbeard’s quest to locate Laugh Tale before Luffy. While it’s possible that Blackbeard could attempt to gain this information, it’s unlikely that he would let Luffy do all the legwork. Blackbeard is driven and ambitious, and he won’t hesitate to seize any opportunity to further his own goals.

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Jimmy P speculates whether Saitama might be trying to goad God into evolving repeatedly to provide him with a more significant challenge. Saitama is indeed looking to change Tario back into a hero and isn’t particularly concerned with God’s evolution. His mocking may be part of his strategy to reach Tario.

Mr. Toby1018 asks about the possibility of a new S-Class in the future of One Punch Man. At this point, it’s unclear whether there will be a new S-Class, given the potential changes to the Hero Association. However, if such a rank is established, Glasses, Mizuki, Gearspur, and Suiko are strong candidates.

Little Ferrari raises a question about why Blast doesn’t know about Drive Knight being a disciple of God. The assumption here is that Drive Knight and even Psychos might not be fully aware of their connection to God yet. They’ve had experiences with visions, but they likely don’t grasp the full extent of their association with God. Consequently, Blast may not know because Drive Knight himself may not realize it.

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