One Piece: What Really Happend In The Void Century Finally Revealed | Theory

Over a millennium ago, our world below was a fragmented and divided realm, torn apart by struggles and inequality. Among the many diverse races that inhabited this world, humans held a significant advantage: their sheer numbers. Utilizing this numerical strength, humans seized power, establishing themselves as the dominant species on the planet. Yet, even within their ranks, divisions persisted, with some attaining great power while others suffered beneath them.

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Peoples of other races, peasants, and prisoners had no choice but to escape the oppressive rule of the humans. Those unable to escape, like the Tontatta, were enslaved, treated as mere tools to further the wealth and power of the human kings who reigned at the top. The atrocities committed by these rulers were so heinous that those who suffered under them began referring to these cruel tyrants as “Devils.”

Some sought refuge beneath the seabed, while others reached unreachable peaks. Still, some took to the skies. Among them were people blessed with wings, often referred to as “angels,” who fled the troubled lands below for the celestial body known as the Moon. There, they established the Moon Capital of Birka, allowing their civilization to flourish beyond the turmoil of the world below. Their advancements in technology on the Moon surpassed anything previously known.

However, their scientific progress faced a critical challenge: energy generation required the primal source of fire, and the barren Moon lacked the natural resources to produce it. Faced with this dilemma, the Moon’s inhabitants realized they had no choice but to return to the Blue Planet below to further their research.

Over time, these angels divided into tribes, each seeking different places to inhabit across the seas. Some harnessed their scientific prowess to alter the density of a substance called pyrobloin, transforming clouds into solid land – sky islands where they could reside and avoid humans. Meanwhile, others established their settlement atop the Red Wall, the colossal continent encircling the colossal Sun Tree Eve, which extended from the sunlight at its peak to the roots where Fishman Island lay.

The Sun Tree Eve brought bountiful nature, fostering a veritable Eden atop the Red Wall, providing natural resources that furthered the angels’ technology. Their quest for knowledge led to a groundbreaking discovery – the “bloodline elements.” This genetic code, existing within all living beings, represented the blueprints of life. By mastering the alteration of these bloodline elements through genetic modifications, the angels envisioned the potential for their descendants to evolve into superior beings, nearly godlike.

They engineered their descendants, endowing them with skin as tough as steel, dark in color, large black wings that allowed them to soar, pure white hair, red eyes signifying strength, and the ability to self-ignite and generate flames. This self-ignition provided an unlimited resource, enabling them to power their technology without constraints. These genetically enhanced humans came to be known as the “Lunaria,” bearers of blessings from the Moon.

Legends and stories emerged, portraying the Lunaria as heavenly beings descending to judge the world’s greedy humans. They were venerated as “gods” and their settlement on the Red Wall became the “God Country.” However, despite their unprecedented power, the Lunaria couldn’t overcome the challenge of numbers. Their strength could fend off invaders but couldn’t protect all beyond their kin. Their power attracted envy.

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At this juncture, the story introduces the titular protagonist, a young boy named Nika, known as Joyboy. He embarked on a grand adventure as a pirate, aiming to achieve freedom and form bonds with people from all over the world. Joyboy challenged and defeated oppressive rulers, aiming to share his wealth, fame, and power with all, with a grand dream to unite the entire world into “one piece” by throwing a massive party.

Joyboy’s infectious optimism and his dream inspired many across the world. Numerous races, kingdoms, and countries pledged allegiance to make Joyboy’s vision a reality, forming a colossal alliance known as the Kingdom of Dawn. Their objective was to erase borders, destroy the Red Line and Grand Line, and unite all seas into “one piece,” reestablishing the legendary “All Blue” – a world connected and free.

The Kingdom of Dawn intended to bring the dawn of a new world, symbolized by the sun. Their alliance deployed advanced technology to build colossal ships designed as weapons to accomplish this world-altering feat. They commanded colossal creatures through the power of the Voice of All Things – an advanced form of Observation Haki.

However, their plans faced a catastrophic setback. A created drug, energy steroids, failed and caused rapid aging instead. To avert a crisis, they sealed these drugs away. The success came in helping the Minks attain their Sulong forms, but these transformations were brief.

Amid these developments, King Imu of the Nerona Family, one of the 20 rulers who secretly schemed to seize power, proposed a plan to accelerate people’s evolution. By using the Sun Tree Eve’s photosynthetic abilities to concentrate the extracts of bloodline elements, they created fruits that could induce immediate evolution upon consumption. King Imu earned the trust of the Kingdom, eventually taking the title “Uranus.”

Despite their plans to destroy the world, an unforeseen betrayal unfolded. The fruit users found themselves paralyzed when in contact with water. This defect became a tool for King

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