One Piece Episode 1096 Full Spoilers Preview: The Arrival of the Rocks Pirates at God Valley

The Rocks Pirates are explored fully in One Piece chapter 1096.

The highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1096 is just around the corner, and the excitement among fans is palpable. The Egghead Island arc has been a rollercoaster of excitement, and things are about to reach a thrilling climax. In the previous chapter, Oda took us on a flashback journey through Bonney, revealing Kuma’s life from his birth up to his current state. The insights provided in that chapter were substantial, and fans can expect this flashback to continue in One Piece Chapter 1096. This upcoming chapter promises to be nothing short of spectacular and has the potential to become one of the manga’s all-time best.

Kuma and Ivankov’s Plan

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In One Piece Chapter 1096, the collaborative efforts of Kuma and Ivankov take center stage. Fans had anticipated this partnership, as it seemed likely that these two characters would form a strong bond and concoct a plan to break free from the confines of God Valley. Kuma, Ginny, and Ivankov find themselves trapped as slaves from the very beginning, and their only hope lies in devising a daring escape plan.

The chapter unveils a crucial revelation: the native hunting games on God Valley involve a high-stakes prize—Devil Fruits. This speculation, which had been circulating for the past two weeks, turns out to be true. Specifically, two Devil Fruits are prominently mentioned in One Piece Chapter 1096: the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, currently in Kuma’s possession, and the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu, which belongs to none other than Kaido himself. These formidable Devil Fruits are the coveted rewards of the native hunting games, and it is decided that Kuma and his group will execute a daring heist to steal and consume them. This risky move could grant them newfound powers and potentially pave the way for their escape from the island.

The Arrival Of The Rocks Pirates in God Valley


In One Piece Chapter 1096, the long-anticipated arrival of the Rocks Pirates at God Valley comes to fruition. This development has been highly anticipated by the majority of fans, and it marks an exciting moment in the story. However, it’s important to note that Rocks himself remains shrouded in mystery in this chapter, leaving fans still eagerly awaiting his full reveal.

Nonetheless, this chapter provides a significant revelation by showcasing the appearances of various other members of the Rocks Pirates. Notable figures such as Big Mom and Kaido are prominently featured, and there are some surprises in store, including the introduction of Elder Nyon, who is unveiled as a former member of the Rocks Pirates. The chapter sheds light on the unique nature of this infamous pirate crew, characterized by a lack of unity and an inclination for its members to pursue their own individual goals. Upon their arrival at God Valley, the Rocks Pirates swiftly break into individual factions, each with its own agenda.

The Stolen Devil Fruits

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In the story, the means by which Kuma and Ivankov acquire their targeted Devil Fruits remain shrouded in mystery. However, it is strongly believed that their plan succeeds, allowing Kuma to attain the Paw Paw Fruit and Ivankov to obtain the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu. The excitement builds as Kuma successfully consumes his Devil Fruit, gaining the remarkable abilities of the Paw Paw Fruit, a power that has been showcased throughout the series.

However, Ivankov’s encounter takes an unexpected turn when Big Mom intervenes, seizing the Uo Uo no Mi from him and deciding to keep it for herself. As fans may recall, she eventually presents this Devil Fruit to Kaido on the fateful day of the God Valley Incident, although the chapter’s details surrounding this event remain undisclosed.

As for Kuma, he manages to eat his Devil Fruit, gaining mastery over its unique abilities. His path intersects with Saturn, and while the spoilers do not provide a clear account of their encounter, it is evident that their successful acquisition of Devil Fruits opens a promising path for their escape. With the powers of Kuma’s Devil Fruit, they stand a chance even against formidable opponents like Saturn. Although the specifics of this encounter remain uncertain, fans eagerly await the final chapter for the full story.

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