One Piece Chapter 1097 New Spoilers & Manga Plot Leaks

The spoilers for the next chapter of One Piece are now out. We are going to discover new things about some of the people in the Revolutionary Army. The chapter also reveals more about Kuma’s past. Here is a guide on the One Piece chapter 1097 spoilers and plot leaks.

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In a gesture of tribute to the World Government, the ruler of the Kingdom of Sorbet imposed heavy taxes on its citizens, burdening them significantly. To alleviate the weight of the tribute, he decided to divide the Kingdom of Sorbet into two parts. One remained under the state’s protection, while the other became a haven for outlaws. Kuma found himself in the outlawed region.

Dragon and Ivankov, leaders of the Freedom Army, launched a bold attack on the Kingdom of Sorbet, successfully overthrowing the oppressive king. During these tumultuous events, Kuma made the pivotal decision to join the ranks of the Freedom Army.

This chapter also unveils an intriguing revelation about Dragon’s past. He once served within the Marines but grew disillusioned by the absence of a true sense of justice within their ranks, prompting his departure.

Furthermore, we are transported back in time, 14 years ago, to a period when Kuma and Ginny were esteemed commanders within the Revolutionary Army. However, the chapter closes with the startling revelation that Ginny has been kidnapped. The story leaves us hanging, with no information regarding a potential hiatus in the next week’s chapter release. Stay tuned for further updates and the complete summary.

One Piece Chapter 1097 is set to be released in the U.S. on Sunday, November 5, at 11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT.

For those seeking more One Piece content, feel free to explore our comprehensive guide, featuring information on the Straw Hat Pirates’ members, including their age, birthday, height, current bounty, Devil Fruit abilities, and zodiac sign.

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