one thing we’re not sure about is whether Yam is awakened. Recent reveals with Lucci and Kaku, both with awakened Zoan fruits, made it seem like those who awaken their abilities get the “God Scarves” (referring to the distinctive scarf Luffy has). But then again, Luffy used Snake Man without being awakened, so it’s not a clear-cut rule. Plus, the world of One Piece is filled with inconsistencies, like Katakuri suddenly becoming giant-sized after falling.

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So, let’s set aside everything from the pre-timeskip because it’s debatable whether Oda meticulously planned out all the details of the story from the beginning. It’s fair to speculate that when Oda first thought of Awakening, he might not have considered the need for a visual indicator to distinguish awakened users.

Awakening, as explained by Kaido, is when a user’s mind and body catch up to their powers. It’s a complex concept that makes sense in some ways, but it also leaves room for ambiguity. It’s possible that death may be required for an Awakening, as Luffy awakened his fruit after technically dying during the battle.

Now, the big issue arises in the Luffy vs. Kaido battle. Awakening is a significant part of this fight, and the lack of clarity on Kaido’s Awakening status created confusion. Many expected Kaido to have an Awakening, like Lucci and Doflamingo, but it was never explicitly confirmed. This made it unclear when the fight actually ended, and many battles in the arc felt like they could be the conclusion.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Kaido didn’t awaken his fruit, perhaps because his desires are not in alignment with the Devil within him, or because he didn’t fully reflect the fruit. Maybe certain fruits are harder to awaken, like mythical zones.

But there’s another layer to Luffy’s power, which is closely related to the desires and dreams of the people around him. Luffy’s fruit can make dreams into reality, and the wishes of others can strengthen him. It’s like a One Piece version of the Spirit Bomb from Dragon Ball, where Luffy absorbs the spirit and dreams of those around him.

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Moreover, there’s a connection between music and the afterlife in the world of One Piece. The Fire Festival in Wano is shown to blur the borders between Heaven and Earth, allowing communication between the living and the dead. So, Luffy’s strength could come from not only the living but also the wills of the deceased.

This also relates to the concept of the afterlife and the cycle of hatred. Wano highlights how the cycle of hatred and revenge can lead to hellish consequences, making global peace more challenging. Ultimately, the story might end with Luffy opposing the collective will of the world and trying to stop the cycle of violence.

So, whether you believe in this interpretation or not, the point is that Luffy’s powers have incredible potential and are closely tied to the desires, wills, and dreams of the people around him. It’s not just about motivation; it’s about actively fulfilling dreams and making them reality.

In summary, Luffy’s Devil Fruit is much more complex and powerful than it initially appears, and it may play a significant role in the resolution of the One Piece story.

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