Netflix’s One Piece Series Set to Bring a Major Arc to Life

Matt Owens, a showrunner on Netflix’s One Piece, confirms the show will be adapting the manga’s Loguetown arc.

“Netflix’s One Piece Continues to Dominate the Charts Over a Month After Debut. As Season Two Approaches, Fans Await the Unfolding of the Loguetown Arc, Confirmed by Show’s Writer”

The enduring success of Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation has kept fans engaged for more than a month following its premiere. Season one received widespread acclaim, bringing the beloved Straw Hat crew to life. With the eagerly anticipated season two on the horizon, fans are already excited to see the further adventures of Luffy and company. Matt Owens, a writer and showrunner for Netflix’s One Piece, recently confirmed that a significant arc from the series is still in the works.

Owens provided this update during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session over the weekend, where fans posed a multitude of questions. One inquisitive fan asked about the handling of the Loguetown arc in One Piece, and Owens reassured that the show had not omitted the storyline.

“Skipped? Never! It wasn’t included in season one because our episode count was reduced. Attempting to squeeze it in would not have done justice to the arc or the story it needed to share space with. Loguetown is not ‘cut’; we simply haven’t reached that point yet,” Owens explained.

Naturally, fans were puzzled by the apparent omission of the Loguetown arc in the closing moments of season one. However, One Piece cleverly circled back with a post-credits scene featuring Smoker. This narrative choice left some fans bewildered, but it is now clear that One Piece adjusted its storytelling within season one. The manga’s Loguetown arc required more time than the truncated episode order of season one could provide. Hopefully, as future seasons of One Piece unfold, there will be more room to explore Loguetown in all its glory.

If you haven’t had the chance to explore Netflix’s One Piece yet, you can catch the series on Netflix’s streaming platform. Additionally, you can also enjoy the One Piece anime on Crunchyroll. For more information about One Piece, please refer to the official synopsis below:

“When Monkey D. Luffy was just a child, his dreams of becoming a pirate were ignited by the legendary tales of the pirate known as ‘Red-Haired’ Shanks. However, Luffy’s destiny took a dramatic turn when he accidentally consumed the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, granting him the extraordinary ability to stretch his body like rubber. This newfound power came at a price – Luffy could never swim again. Undeterred, Luffy remained steadfast in his pursuit of becoming the Pirate King.

Years later, with unwavering determination, Luffy embarks on an incredible adventure, sailing alone in a small rowboat. His quest is to uncover the fabled ‘One Piece,’ a treasure of unparalleled value said to be the greatest in the entire world.”

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