‘NCIS’: What Did Tony DiNozzo Whisper To Ziva Back in Season 10?

NCIS fans have always wondered one question: what did Tony DiNozzo whisper to Ziva at the airport?

In Season 10 of NCIS, the love story between Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) reached a poignant moment. Despite never officially becoming a couple during the series, their relationship provided fans with numerous memorable moments.

Throughout the show, viewers gained insight into Ziva’s family background, learning that her entire family had tragically passed away except for her father, Eli (Michael Nouri). However, in Season 10, a heartbreaking incident occurs when Eli falls victim to a hate crime. His demise coincides with the passing of Director Leon Vance’s wife, Jackie (Paula Newsome).

Following these losses, Ziva is consumed by grief and takes a leave of absence from work. She flies her father’s body to Israel for burial. Just before departing for Israel, Tony unexpectedly appears at the airport to bid her farewell.

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Ziva expresses surprise at his presence and mentions that he didn’t need to be there. Tony reassures her that her team would track down those responsible for her father’s death and bring them to justice. He pleads with her not to take matters into her own hands, saying, “Don’t do this,” fully aware of her inclination to act independently. Ziva begins to say, “I’m going to a funeral to deliver my father’s eulogy,” but her words trail off, and she leans into Tony for a comforting hug, resting her head on his shoulder.

In that poignant moment, Tony whispers “Aht lo leh-vahd” in Ziva’s ear, which translates to “you are not alone” in Hebrew. Ziva looks up at him and responds with a smile. They share a kiss before she departs for her flight. Little did they know that this moment marked the beginning of a tumultuous period in Ziva’s character arc.

Two seasons later, Ziva was believed to have perished in a mortar attack, leaving behind her and Tony’s daughter, Tali, of whose existence Tony was previously unaware. In response, he left his dangerous job to care for Tali, and they relocated to Paris.

However, their love story took unexpected turns. In Season 16, it was revealed that Ziva had faked her death to safeguard her family. When Tony learns of Ziva’s survival, he sends a video message from Tali, in which Tali implores her mother to reunite with the family.

In the NCIS universe, it is assumed that Tony, Ziva, and Tali currently lead a peaceful life together in Paris.

Some fans speculate that Season 20 might feature Tony DiNozzo’s return. The NCIS showrunner reportedly maintains a close friendship with Michael Weatherly, making the possibility of his return a subject of discussion. In the words of showrunner Steven D. Binder, “It’s not a difficult conversation to have with him. It’s just a question of whether or not it works out.”

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