NCIS’ Pauley Perrette Reveals Glimpse Of Rarely-Seen Family Member – Brian Dietzen Reacts!!!

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette, a devoted dog owner, delighted fans by offering a sneak peek of her adored rescue dog, Rosie, on a Sunday. Using Instagram as her platform, the 54-year-old actress posted an amusing and endearing video from her backyard.

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The accompanying caption read: “Meet #RescueDog ROSIE and her BALL! Her love for that ball is off the charts, and whenever we step into the yard, she remains eerily still, waiting for me to toss it, which, of course, I must bring out and do. But this time? Well, things took a humorous turn.”

In a delightful twist, Rosie found herself in a comical predicament, mistakenly assuming that Pauley was going to throw her the ball, all the while obliviously holding it in her mouth. This endearing moment left fans in stitches, and it triggered reactions from Pauley’s 54,000 followers. Notably, her NCIS co-star Brian Dietzen was among the first to respond, chiming in with a laughing emoji.

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Pauley Perrette’s three rescue dogs, Rosie, Bug, and Grace, have captured the hearts of her fans. One admirer expressed, “Rescue dogs are the best,” and another concurred, calling Rosie a “little sweetheart.”

While Pauley typically keeps her private life under wraps, she frequently shares snapshots of her beloved rescue dogs on her social media platforms. Last year, the TV star lovingly referred to her trio of canine companions as “my life and my joy” and urged her followers to contemplate the idea of rescuing dogs.

Before Pauley’s recent video, she had already tugged at the heartstrings of her audience with an Instagram post expressing support for her late co-star David McCallum’s son, Val.

In this particular post, she shared a video of herself attending a concert featuring Val as the talented guitarist. The caption read: “My pastor and I went to see @JacksonBrowne. SUCH a good show. The OUTSTANDING #guitar player on the right in the red shirt is @valmccallum.7. Son of #DavidMccallum. Excellent musicianship all around. And I could listen to just his backup singers all day. Lovely young ladies Jackson met in a youth gospel choir.”

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In late September, Val’s father, David McCallum, sadly passed away at the age of 90 due to natural causes while at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Following his passing, the executive producers of NCIS issued a statement that honored his legacy. It conveyed, “For more than two decades, David McCallum captured the hearts of global audiences with his portrayal of the wise, eccentric, and occasionally enigmatic character, Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard.”

While his fans held a deep affection for David, those who shared the screen with him cherished him even more. He was a scholar and a true gentleman, perpetually gracious, a paragon of professionalism, and never one to let a good joke slip by. Working alongside him from the very beginning was an absolute privilege, and he consistently exceeded our expectations. To put it plainly, he was a legend. He was not only a professional family member but also a beloved one, and his absence leaves a profound void.

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