NCIS Makes a Comeback in CBS’ February Lineup with an Exciting Twist!!

In recent times, there’s been a flurry of NCIS-related news. The long-running procedural show celebrated its 20th anniversary, mourned the loss of the beloved longtime cast member David McCallum, and hinted at the imminent release of NCIS: Sydney. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. As reported by Deadline, NCIS is set to dominate CBS’ primetime schedule for the entire month of November.

The network’s decision came in the wake of CBS canceling Loteria Loca. Following the airing of five episodes in October that struggled with low ratings, CBS opted to pull the plug on the show and shift its attention back to the NCIS brand.

Consequently, on November 6 and 13, viewers can expect to see NCIS episodes from 8-11 p.m. as a lead-up to the much-anticipated premiere of NCIS: Sydney.

What is the CBS NCIS schedule for 2023?

Of course, the caveat is that these NCIS episodes will be reruns from Season 20. This is a frequent strategy for networks, especially when a new show is about to premiere and the schedule is heavily reliant on underperforming shows.

NCIS has always been an essential brand for CBS, but the fact that the impending spin-off will be the only procedural with new episodes this autumn makes it much more crucial.

CBS’s November schedule is chock-full of NCIS reruns, which will be used to sandwich game programs and prepare audiences for NCIS: Sydney. The following is an approximate summary of CBS’s schedule for the month:

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Monday, November 6

8-9 PM: NCIS (rerun)

9-10 PM: NCIS (rerun)

10-11 PM: NCIS (rerun)

Monday, November 13

8-9 PM: NCIS (rerun)

9-10 PM: NCIS (rerun)

10-11 PM: NCIS (rerun)

Monday, November 20

8-9 PM: NCIS (rerun)

9-10 PM: Let’s Make a Deal Primetime

10-11 PM: NCIS (rerun)

Monday, November 27

8-9 PM: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

9-10 PM: Let’s Make a Deal Primetime

10-11 PM: NCIS (rerun)

While filming on the upcoming season of NCIS has yet to begin, there have been encouraging signs in the network TV industry. Several shows have begun to open their writers rooms, and One Chicago has even begun to prepare the soundstages for the cast’s inevitable return.

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