NCIS: Los Angeles Actor Eric Christian Olsen Marks a Touching Family Milestone: ‘The Long-Awaited Day Has Finally Arrived

Since the conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles in May, Eric Christian Olsen and his wife, Sarah Wright Olsen, have been dedicated to cherishing moments together with their three children.

Having been happily married for eleven years, they are proud parents to Wyatt, aged nine, Esme, aged six, and Winter, who recently celebrated her third birthday.

On Instagram, Sarah, aged 39, shared a heartwarming picture of her 46-year-old husband, tenderly cradling their youngest daughter in his arms to celebrate her special day.

In her caption, the actress recounted their emotional journey to welcoming their third child, highlighting the challenges of her pregnancy and their profound yearning for another addition to their family.

She wrote, “This is number 3,” adding, “I told her tonight that she was magical, and she replied, ‘I know I have my powers.’ She’s our rainbow child.”

“We thought about her, prayed for her, dreamed of her for so long,” Sarah continued. “We even wrote names on a small chalkboard and voted on them… We simply couldn’t wait to meet her. It’s a pregnancy and birth experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I can still feel every moment in my body. She arrived 11 days later than expected, and by evening, we were back at home, cuddled up with her in our bed. Since then, her presence has been nothing short of enchanting. Happy Birthday, Winter Story.”

Family friend Nikki Reed, who recently welcomed her own second child with Ian Somerhalder, shared her birthday wishes, saying, “Happy birthday to my little fairy angel who gives the best hugs. We adore you, Wintieee! Sending so much love, and a special happy birthday to you, mama!”

Eric’s birthday follows closely on the heels of his final appearance as Marty Deeks on NCIS: LA, which concluded in May. He had been part of the show’s cast since its inception in 2009, and its cancellation after a remarkable 14-year run marked the second spin-off from the NCIS multiverse to come to an end, following NCIS: New Orleans. However, fans can anticipate a new spin-off, NCIS: Sydney, set to premiere in November.

Winter made a recent appearance in her father’s poignant post, recalling the days following their exit from NCIS: LA when the entire family battled COVID-19 in July. Eric doesn’t frequently share on his own social media, with Sarah being the more active presence.

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