Monkey D. Dragon Full Backstory & Devil Fruit & Revelution Army Chapter 1097

Monkey D. Dragon is a character in the One Piece series who is known for putting fear into the hearts of the World Government and having the ability to control the weather, attributed to a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit known as the “God Fruit of the Mythical Deity Amaru.” This text delves into the backstory and development of Dragon’s character, as well as the significance of his abilities and the fruit he possesses.

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Dragon was born in the Goa Kingdom of the East Blue, the son of Monkey D. Garp and an unknown woman. There are speculations that his mother might have been related to the Celestial Dragons, given Dragon’s name and his connection to a mythical deity, Amaru. The Goa Kingdom is believed to have historical ties to one of the 20 Allied Nations, further connecting Dragon’s origins to important world events. This is reinforced by the fact that a Celestial Dragon named St. Jalmack visited Goa Island, suggesting a connection between Dragon’s family and the Celestial Dragons.

Dragon grew up witnessing the oppression and cruelty of the nobility and upper class towards the less fortunate. He hoped for change but realized that it wasn’t happening. His early experiences in the Goa Kingdom had a profound impact on his worldview.

Dragon’s life takes a significant turn when, at the age of 18, he joins the Marines under Garp’s command. He participates in a major event called the God Valley Incident, where he encounters several notorious figures in the world of piracy, including Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, Shiki, Roger, and Rocks D. Xebec. This incident influences his perspective on the world and the Celestial Dragons.

During the God Valley Incident, Dragon stumbles upon a collection of Devil Fruits, which includes a unique fruit known as the “God Fruit of the Mythical Deity Amaru.” This fruit is inspired by South American deities, particularly Amaru, a dragon-like serpent deity associated with the Earth, earthquakes, storms, and water, among other things. Dragon’s acquisition of this fruit is seen as a turning point in his life.

Dragon’s experiences in God Valley and his growing awareness of the world’s injustices lead him to become a revolutionary. He decides to create a force that opposes the World Government and fights for the freedom and liberation of oppressed people. He meets key figures like Kuma, Ivankov, and Inazuma, who become core members of the Revolutionary Army.

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Dragon’s commitment to the revolutionary cause leads him to confront the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. He becomes the world’s most wanted criminal and aims to challenge the government’s control over information and power. Throughout his journey, he remains hidden and refrains from meeting his son, Monkey D. Luffy, whom he had with an unknown woman. His son, Luffy, grows up with the freedom to choose his path, without being influenced by Dragon’s revolutionary ideals.

Dragon’s character is characterized by his desire to challenge the status quo, fight against oppression, and create a world free from discrimination and corruption. His ability to control the weather, attributed to the Amaru fruit, symbolizes his role as a force of change and hope for the oppressed. Despite his limited appearances in the series, Dragon remains a significant and enigmatic character in the One Piece world.

Dragon’s journey in One Piece begins with his shocking appearance in Loguetown, where he saves Luffy from execution. It’s clear he knows more about Luffy than he reveals. Dragon helps Luffy escape, showing his power to control weather. Dragon’s beliefs in fighting for a better world lead to him forming the Revolutionary Army. Despite having differing methods, his relationship with his father Garp remains respectful.

Dragon’s true identity as Monkey D is revealed, strengthening the Revolutionary Army’s cause. He creates a hidden base on Baltigo, demonstrating the extent of his power. The Revolutionary Army embarks on a mission to liberate oppressed kingdoms, culminating in an attack on Mary Geoise during the Reverie. Kuma’s strange behavior and revelations about the Celestial Dragons further motivate Dragon’s fight against the world government.

Finally, Dragon will confront Akainu, and the world’s reformation will come with the fall of the government, leading to a more just world. This is the essence of Dragon’s story in One Piece.

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