Admiral Kizaru assisting the Straw Hats in escaping Egghead Island may sound far-fetched, but it’s a theory worth considering given the current dire situation. With the Straw Hat’s initial escape plan involving the Vega Force 1 falling apart and their overwhelming numerical and power disadvantage against the awakened demon Saturn, a change in events is desperately needed.

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There are several wildcard elements on the island that could influence the outcome of this battle. These include the ancient robot, the Blackbeard Pirates, Caribou, the possibility of Dragon or the Straw Hat Grand Fleet showing up, and even Admiral Kizaru himself. Kizaru’s actions in this arc have been marked by conflicting emotions and a sense of reluctance to kill Vega Punk, his old friend.

Kizaru’s flashbacks and interactions with other characters in the arc suggest that he doesn’t truly want to eliminate Vega Punk, and this may be because it’s a “family affair.” If Saturn confronts Vega Punk as hinted in the latest chapter, it could push Kizaru to make an unexpected decision.

Kizaru’s loyalty to his job and the concept of “Justice” is ambiguous. At one moment, he expresses reluctance, and the next, he’s firing laser beams at Vega Punk. His mention of being a “corporate slave” in the Japanese translation raises questions about his true motivations. In a Japanese context, being a “corporate slave” signifies being overly loyal to one’s company at the expense of one’s personal life, and the way out is often quitting.

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Kizaru’s name, Borolo, is derived from the 1970s movie “Borino,” where characters try to quit the mob but face difficulties. This theme of resignation and quitting could be significant for Kizaru’s character development.

Bringing Luffy into the theory, with his Sun God Nika title and history of freeing slaves, suggests that he might help liberate Kizaru from his “corporate slavdom” or conflicted loyalty. Luffy’s White Star Gun attack, which causes Kizaru to exclaim “this is bad,” might have a double meaning. In addition to the physical damage, Kizaru could be expressing concern about something else, perhaps related to Saturn confronting Vega Punk.

The theory also speculates on who might play the role of Kuma in this arc, potentially assisting the Straw Hats. If Kuma were to arrive on Egghead Island, Kizaru’s reaction would be significant, given their history.

In summary, the theory suggests that Kizaru could resign and assist the Straw Hats in escaping Egghead Island, with Kuma and possibly Sentomaru playing crucial roles. If this theory were to come true, it would undoubtedly be a significant event, potentially shocking the world and making headlines in the One Piece world.

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