John Saxon, a Star of ‘Enter the Dragon,’ Is Dead at 83

John Saxon, a native of Brooklyn whose captivating looks propelled him from the streets of New York to the glitz of Hollywood, where he shared the screen with luminaries like Marlon Brando and, according to some, even outshone them in acting prowess, has passed away. He was 83.

Saxon’s son, Antonio, confirmed his father’s passing, though the cause was not disclosed.

Launching his career in the 1950s as a heartthrob for teenagers, Saxon amassed nearly 200 credits in both film and television. One of his notable roles was in the 1973 martial arts classic “Enter the Dragon,” where he portrayed a gambler participating in a deadly tournament. Despite his prior training in martial arts, Saxon found the physical demands of filming challenging.

Reflecting on his experience, he shared with Black Belt magazine the grueling rehearsals required for fight sequences. While he felt adept at dispatching opponents, he pushed himself to the brink to ensure authenticity on screen.

Saxon’s journey from the streets of Brooklyn to the silver screen stands as a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered in Hollywood lore.

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