Is Sasuke Dead?! – Kashin Koji Taught Boruto The Uzuhiko?!- Two Blue Vortex Ch 3 Spoilers

In the third chapter of “Two Blue Vortex,” there are some significant developments. The chapter cover features Himawari with the title “Uo,” which is a surprising choice, as many expected Kawaki or Mitsuki on the cover. This suggests that Himawari may have a significant role in the story, potentially as the second Blue Vortex.

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The chapter picks up from where the previous one left off, with Boruto using a new technique that creates a whirlwind around his body. Code attempts to restrict Boruto’s movement, but Boruto seems dead serious about defeating Code. Himawari’s involvement becomes apparent as the whirlwind summoned by her wraps around Code’s left arm, indicating that this technique is unique.

Boruto warns Code that he must take them to the Ten-Tails if he wants to survive. Code, however, underestimates Boruto, and a surprising turn of events occurs. Boruto effortlessly evades Code’s attacks, similar to Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball Super. This suggests that Boruto has reached an impressive level of power, potentially surpassing even Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Boruto manages to hit Code with his “Uo Rinnegan,” a new technique that he explains further in the chapter. Kawaki makes a dramatic entrance, preventing Code from escaping, and using the “Dharma Eye” to cancel Code’s plans to summon a clairvoyant to make his escape. Boruto and Kawaki finally meet after three years, and while their interactions start off tense, there’s a sense of relief and happiness in seeing each other again.

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The chapter also introduces an interesting twist when Boruto plants a toad on Code to confirm the location of the Ten-Tails. The toad confirms the presence of the Ten-Tails, which hasn’t been seen for three years.

The chapter concludes with Boruto defeating Code with his overwhelming jutsu. The text suggests that Boruto is followed by two beings, which could imply significant developments for the story.

Several theories and speculations are discussed in the summary, including Koji’s involvement in Boruto’s training, the potential replacement of Sasuke as Boruto’s mentor, and the idea that Boruto may have absorbed some of Momoshiki’s power or even the remains of another character.

Overall, the chapter seems to mark a significant shift in power and story development, with Boruto and Kawaki reuniting and a new level of power displayed by Boruto. Himawari’s role and potential conflict with her brother are also teased.

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