How Sukuna Became the Strongest | Sukuna Backstory Theory

To piece together Sakuna’s backstory and the big reveal, let’s review the information we have:

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  1. In Chapter 3, Gojo mentions that Ryoumen Sukuna, with four arms and two faces, was a real person who lived over a thousand years ago during the Golden Age of Jujutsu Sorcerers. He was known as the King of Curses and could not be defeated by the sorcerers of his time. Notably, Sakuna is not his true name but a title he holds.
  2. In Chapter 116, during a fight with Jogo, Sakuna speaks about humans flocking together and comparing themselves to those around them, leading to weakness and inhibiting growth. This hints at a lesson he learned in his past.
  3. In Chapter 173, when Yuta Okkotsu meets an Angel, he is referred to as “the disgraced one” or “the Fallen.” Sakuna was once in the grace of someone (likely God) but did something terrible to be cast out.
  4. In Chapter 208, it is hinted that Sakuna met Uraume at some point, and they have a unique relationship. Uraume is the closest person to Sakuna and could provide insights into his past.
  5. In Chapter 219, during a battle with Yuta, Sakuna claims that someone has already taught him what love is. Love, in Jujutsu Kaisen, refers to the ability to throw everything at an opponent with no ulterior motives and to give one’s all in battle.
  6. In Chapter 237, Sakuna states that he was an unwanted child, hinting at a troubled past.

Now, let’s put the pieces together to create a theory:

I propose that Sakuna was an unwanted twin born during a time when power was highly valued, and twins were considered weak due to the shared nature of their power. Both he and his twin trained to get stronger and prove themselves, but Sakuna was always overshadowed by his brother, whom he constantly compared himself to.

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This constant comparison hindered Sakuna’s growth, and he became desperate to surpass his brother. In a fateful confrontation, Sakuna defeated his brother, absorbed his cursed energy, and became the complete being he is now. This event marked his transition into an ascended human, surpassing the limitations of a regular human.

The title “Ryoumen Sukuna” was likely earned after this transformation, symbolizing his newfound strength and divinity. The act of defeating and absorbing his brother may have been a blasphemous act against the natural order, leading to his Fallen status, as he went against the will of God.

The “Fallen” title could refer to Sakuna’s defiance of the divine order and his transformation into a being beyond human and curse. This would explain his unique nature and power.

This theory aligns with the themes of twins nerfing each other due to the shared entity concept and the idea of constant comparison as a source of weakness. It also ties in with the reference to Tangen’s resemblance to Sakuna and the idea of an ascended human.

Keep in mind that this theory hinges on the assumption that Sakuna is a twin, which could be confirmed or refuted in future chapters. Additionally, Jujutsu Kaisen’s lore and mythology may influence the backstory, so further revelations could alter this theory.

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