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Whenever the character Killua Zoldyck is mentioned, certain elements immediately come to mind. These may include his distinctive white hair, his unique aesthetic, his penchant for changing outfits, his cool and charismatic appearance, and his proficiency in assassination-based combat. However, there’s one aspect that is often overlooked when discussing Killua: the fact that he is a victim of mental manipulation and abuse by two significant individuals in his life.

In this video, I will delve into the manipulation and the victimization that Killua experiences within the world of Hunter x Hunter. He is subjected to this manipulation not only by his blood relative Illumi and the entire Zoldyck family but also by someone who was supposed to be his best friend and unwavering companion throughout their journey – Gon Freecss himself.

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Before we explore this in detail, I want to offer a quick disclaimer. When analyzing characters, themes, and narratives in any medium, there can be various interpretations and perspectives. My analysis of Killua’s experiences in Hunter x Hunter may differ from other interpretations, but I aim to provide my reasons and insights into this subject. This discussion not only serves as an analysis of the character but also sheds light on manipulation tactics that are often used to control and manipulate individuals.

Let’s begin with Illumi Zoldyck, Killua’s older brother and a Nen-type manipulator. Illumi is a cunning and manipulative individual, particularly in his relationships with Killua. In the Hunter Exam, we witness an early interaction between Killua and Illumi, where it becomes evident that Killua holds a deep respect for his brother, albeit driven by fear. When Illumi informs Killua that he intends to kill Gon and places Gon’s life in jeopardy, Killua succumbs to the pressure and readily complies with his brother’s demands. This is a prime example of Illumi’s manipulative tactics, primarily driven by fear.

Later, it is revealed that Illumi implanted ideas and manipulations into Killua’s mind, causing him to instinctively avoid individuals he perceives as stronger or more significant threats. This reflects how Killua has been conditioned to fear stronger opponents, which is a form of manipulation in itself.

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Gon, the central protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, plays a significant role in Killua’s life and is the only person capable of helping Killua overcome Illumi’s manipulative tendencies. However, it’s unclear whether Gon’s actions are intentional manipulation or a result of his lack of empathy towards others.

Gon’s manipulation comes through their friendship and a codependent relationship that they share. Killua, who is a highly skilled fighter, often surpasses Gon in talent, training, and experience. However, Killua relies on Gon for several reasons. First, Gon symbolizes the light that pulled Killua out of his dark and traumatic past in the world of assassination. Second, Killua feels indebted to Gon for extending his friendship and being genuinely interested in him as a person. As a result, Killua believes he owes it to Gon to protect him and even risk his life for their friendship.

An illustrative instance of this codependency is their participation in the dodgeball game on Greed Island. Killua sacrifices his own body to enable Gon to use his Jajanken ability on the ball, causing severe damage to his hands in the process. Despite the availability of other solutions and people who could assist without harm, Killua refuses and chooses to endure the pain to help Gon. Gon, in turn, allows Killua to endure these hardships for his sake.

This dynamic illustrates the codependency between Killua and Gon, with Killua relying on Gon for happiness and stability, while Gon uses Killua as a means to achieve his own goals. This setup leads to a troubling and manipulative dynamic in their relationship.

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The pinnacle of this discussion is the realization that Killua is, to a significant extent, a victim in Hunter x Hunter. Despite his skills as an assassin and his actions, which include cold-blooded murder, Killua is fundamentally a product of conditioning, brainwashing, and manipulation. His family, society, and even his best friend, Gon, have used and manipulated him for their own purposes. The most poignant moment comes when Killua’s value is seemingly exhausted by Gon once Gon has fulfilled his own objective of meeting his father, Jing.

In summary, Killua’s journey is one of manipulation and victimization. He experiences the effects of manipulation from his family and even his closest companion, Gon. This perspective provides insight into the complex themes of Hunter x Hunter and the manipulation tactics that can occur in real life.

Please note that this analysis is my personal perspective on Killua’s character and his relationships. I look forward to the discussions and insights that this video may spark in the comments section. Your feedback is essential in shaping the future of this type of analysis and deep-dive content in the Hunter x Hunter universe and beyond. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe, hit the notification bell, and engage with the content. I post three to four times a day, and your support ensures more content like this. Thank you for watching, and as always, this is Broken Ronin signing off.

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