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Asta sharing his anti-magic power, an ability that he used in Chapter 367 to bestow anti-magic to the other Black Bulls. This development has sparked a lot of discussion because it raises questions about the nature of anti-magic, how it can be shared with people who use regular magic, and what implications this has for the story.

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To understand this ability better, we need to delve into the power of the Demon Dweller Sword and the origins of anti-magic. We learned in Chapter 269 that anti-magic’s roots trace back to Liebe’s rage and hatred while sealed within the five-leaf clover grimoire. Over time, he gained the power to cancel out magic, thus creating anti-magic. This power of anti-magic is in constant flow through Asta and his swords.

One sword, in particular, is the Demon Dweller Sword, which has the unique ability to absorb and bestow magic. We’ve seen this ability in action when Asta used Noel’s water magic within his anti-magic sword in the dungeon arc. He can absorb and use the magic of others. This power was further demonstrated when the sword absorbed Gauche’s mirror magic, which Asta subsequently used in battle.

However, the Demon Dweller Sword has an additional ability that makes it unique: it can bestow stored magic to those with ties to each other. This means it can give out abilities, not just absorb them. It was first introduced when Liebe used the power of the Demon Dweller Sword to manipulate and nullify Yuno’s Spirit of Zephyr spell.

This ability to share magic and anti-magic is where the controversial development in Chapter 367 comes into play. Asta, using the Demon Dweller Sword, shared anti-magic with his Black Bull comrades. But this raises the question of how anti-magic can be shared with individuals full of mana and magic, especially when it should logically destroy their bodies.

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The answer may lie in Asta’s evolving mastery of anti-magic. As the story has progressed, Asta has gained more control over anti-magic and has learned to consciously turn it on and off. This is a stark contrast to his earlier days when he unconsciously emitted and shut off this power. This control over anti-magic is the key to bestowing it on others without harming them.

Moreover, Asta’s training in the Land of the Rising Sun, where he learned the concept of Ki (zetting), plays a crucial role in his understanding of anti-magic. Ki is closely related to anti-magic, and mastering both gives Asta a deeper comprehension of how they work together. This evolution of Asta’s power isn’t over yet, and it’s clear that there’s still much to learn about anti-magic.

The mysterious nature of anti-magic and its uncharted territory suggest that there’s more to it than merely nullifying magic. Asta’s power continues to evolve, and we can expect more surprises in the future. While it’s bittersweet that Black Clover is ending, Asta’s journey is far from finished.

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