Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 Spoilers & Release Date

With new Chainsaw Man clones running amok through the city, the Chainsaw Man Church has finally played its entire hand.

Chainsaw Man enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Chapter 148, as the city is currently in disarray. Clones of Chainsaw Man have wreaked havoc throughout the city, marking a significant development in the ongoing narrative. The Chainsaw Man Church has laid all its cards on the table, with their ultimate goal being the enhancement of Chainsaw Man and the War Devil.

However, it’s worth noting that Denji remains an unpredictable wildcard in this situation. The surprising conclusion of Chapter 147 leaves readers with high expectations for the upcoming Chapter 148. The chapter’s events are likely to be nothing short of insane. The final panel of Chapter 147 hints at the success of their efforts to make people fear Chainsaw Man. This may prompt Denji to reveal his true self to the world, making it easy to distinguish the genuine Chainsaw Man from the imitations. However, this decision may come at the cost of his agreement to ensure Nayuta’s safety.

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Presumably, the next chapter will shift its focus to Asa, shedding light on what transpired after Public Safety arrived to confront her. The last time we saw her, Yoshida was preparing for a final strike against her. While it’s unlikely that she can be killed off, it remains uncertain whether she can simply escape amidst the ongoing chaos in the city.

As the story continues to gain momentum, Chapter 148 promises more intriguing developments. To stay updated on all things Chainsaw Man, explore our coverage using the provided links below.

The recent two-week gap will continue at least once more, and Chapter 148 will be out on Nov. 14. This does give readers a chance to absorb what has happened in the last several chapters. Though, things didn’t truly start getting crazy until Chapter 145.

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