Boruto’s NEW Sage Mode & Rasengan Uzuhiko is The STRONGEST Ninja of All Time!

In the latest chapter of “Boruto,” a dramatic turn of events occurs as Boruto showcases incredible power. Boro, the antagonist, has developed a powerful renun technique that shakes the entire planet. Even in his base form, Boruto’s strength rivals that of Naruto’s Baryon Mode, making him one of the most formidable shinobi to exist.

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A significant revelation is made in this chapter, as it is disclosed that Boro received training from the clone of Jiraiya, known as Kashin Koji. This means that Boro has attained Sage Mode, a highly advanced and powerful form of ninjutsu.

As the narrative unfolds, Boruto employs a clever plot device to distract the antagonist, Code, allowing him to gain the upper hand. However, Code attempts to use his claw marks to attack Boruto. Still, Boruto’s newfound agility and skill enable him to effortlessly evade the assault, demonstrating a remarkable level of speed and finesse.

The chapter also delves into the nature of the Claw Grimes, which are essentially zombie-like creatures, confirming their intention to devour all humans and give rise to pseudo-God trees until they locate Boruto and Kawaki.

Boruto’s mission is to prevent the catastrophic future foretold by Mikio’s foresight ability, which predicts that Code’s Ten-Tails will bring unimaginable horror. This prompts Boruto to confront Code, and their battle unfolds.

Boruto’s new technique, the Uzo Renun, takes center stage in this battle. The Uzo Renun manipulates the kinetic energy generated by the Earth’s rotation, creating a devastating and planet-shaking attack. Code becomes disoriented and out of sync with the world due to the Uzo Renun’s effects. Boruto harnesses the Earth’s chakra, making the Jutsu nearly permanent, and the attack deals a significant blow to Code.

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Kawaki intervenes, further complicating the situation, but Boruto is determined to save the world from Code’s threat. Amidst the chaos, Boruto receives information from a toad, indicating that Kashin Koji is making his return.

The chapter also hints at the possibility that Kashin Koji may train Boruto in the future. There is a strong connection between Boruto and Konoha, as well as a shared destiny that may be linked to Kashin Koji’s assistance.

In summary, “Boruto” Chapter 3 of the Blue Vortex arc showcases Boruto’s remarkable power, the enigmatic Kashin Koji’s return, and the continuing conflict with Code, who seeks to unleash the Ten-Tails’ power. The chapter leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next developments in this gripping storyline.

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