Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 Release Date & Spoilers

A new chapter of Boruto has arrived, but it leaves us with more questions than answers regarding the time skip. In this chapter, Code attempts to decipher Boruto’s new jutsu, but he struggles to land a direct hit on Boruto.

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Boruto confidently claims that he has already inflicted significant harm on Code, and we witness Code’s arms mysteriously transforming into frog-like limbs. Despite Boruto’s final warning, Code pays little attention and attempts to attack, but he, too, fails to strike Boruto. Meanwhile, Boruto successfully lands a direct hit on Code, unleashing his Rasengan Uzuhiko Jutsu. Eida dismisses it as a basic jutsu, while Daemon seems to grasp its true nature.

Code is taken aback by this attack and falls, as Boruto reveals that this jutsu involves planetary rotation and will continue to afflict Code over time until his demise.

At this juncture, Kawaki enters the scene and immediately engages Code in combat, prioritizing the confrontation over a conversation with Boruto. Code, however, manages to evade the encounter by employing the power of his Claw Grimes mark.

Code and Kawaki engage in a conversation, while Boruto dispatches a frog to infiltrate Code’s base. This tactical move allows him to pinpoint the location of the ten tails, a crucial piece of information given Code’s intentions.

Spoilers & Release Date:

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Boruto has pleasantly surprised many with his remarkable growth in power. He managed to defeat Code single-handedly, relying on clever tactics and his impressive Jutsu skills.

Kawaki, too, has displayed significant progress in terms of his power level. Code, however, hasn’t fully unleashed his potential yet, as he was overconfident in his battle against Boruto and underestimated him. Although Code’s arms seem to have returned to normal, there appear to be lingering side effects from their earlier encounter. The Rasengan Uzuhiko, which Boruto employed, continues to cause Code considerable pain since he suffered a direct hit.

Boruto’s primary focus is on dealing with the Ten-Tails before confronting Kawaki, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Meanwhile, Sasuke remains conspicuously absent, and the mysteries surrounding the four-year time skip with Code and Boruto remain unresolved.

Fans may hold out hope that Sasuke will make an appearance in the upcoming chapter as Boruto grapples with the Ten-Tails. Kawaki, however, won’t let Boruto off the hook easily, and readers can anticipate a part of their ongoing battle in the next chapter.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 will be released on November 19th. This is a monthly manga series, and we will have to wait till next month for the release of the raw scans and spoilers. 

The release date for raw scans and spoilers should be on the 17th or 18th November. Around this time, we can also expect the unofficial translations for the new manga chapter to drop. 

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