Boruto NEW Time Skip Powers REVEALED – He’s NOW The Strongest Ninja of All Time! Two Blue Vortex

Porto’s three-year time skip continues by revealing his new powers. The debate is finally over; Boruto is now officially stronger than Naruto and Sasuke combined, even without using Boroshiki. This statement alone may trigger some OG fans, but we need to accept it. The story has been building up to this moment.

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Sasuke already told us in Chapter 6 that Boruto would be the strongest ninja because he would be the one training him. Boruto’s demeanor has completely changed from a snotty brat to someone who understands the way of the Shinobi. He started as a boy who wanted to get strong to get Naruto’s attention, and now he aims to save the world with his power.

Boruto’s new ability to foresee the future, like the Otsutsuki, is a significant development. He can see the destruction of everything due to Code and Kawaki, the same destruction that Momoshiki warned him about in a dream. This implies that his pure eye may be the key to saving the world.

In Chapter 2 of Boruto, he faces Code, the King of Elves, and confidently informs him to withdraw his “Walmart Frieza monsters” from Konohagakure. Code is surprised by Boruto’s claim, but Boruto has undergone significant training in the past two years, making him much stronger.

Sarada is now on a mission to save the people affected by Code’s invasion, while Boruto focuses on fighting. Sarada is also being trained by Sasuke, which shows how their roles have evolved over time.

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Kawaki’s character development is also significant. He wants to be his own person and be loved by his family for who he is, not just as Naruto’s second son. His guilt over hijacking Boruto’s life is a central theme.

The Ino-Shika-Cho trio is fighting the Claw Grimes, and they are facing some challenges, but they are holding their own.

Sarada’s power level has also increased, as she showcases her mastery of the Sharingan and her Chidori abilities. She’s on her way to proving that she can become Hokage.

The Claw Grimes are revealed to be more dangerous than initially thought, and they have a connection to the God Tree. Code’s plans with the Claw Grimes are not as straightforward as they seem, and Boruto warns him about the consequences of his actions.

Boruto’s ability to see the future, which is linked to Momoshiki’s powers, gives him a unique advantage. He can foresee potential threats and outcomes, making him a formidable force.

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Code’s modifications to the Claw Grimes may have unintended consequences, and they could evolve into something beyond his control. This sets up a potential major conflict in the future.

Boruto’s new powers, including his “Uzihiko” abilities, make him incredibly powerful. He has developed a versatile and potent set of jutsu that can be used both defensively and offensively. His training and growth over the past two years have pushed him to a new level of strength.

Overall, Boruto has undergone significant character development and power growth, making him a central figure in the evolving storyline. The future of the series holds many possibilities, and the stage is set for exciting developments.

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