Blue Bloods Season 14: 7 Things That Must Happen

Here are seven key points for Blue Bloods Season 14, according to fans:

  1. Danny and Baez Romance: Fans want to see Danny Reagan and Maria Baez finally get together, believing it would add joy to the show and provide closure to their dynamic.
  2. More Eddie and Jamie: Viewers hope to see Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan have more screen time together outside of work, exploring their personal lives and relationship.
  3. Increased Presence of Nicky: Fans want Nicky Boyle-Regan to appear more frequently, bridging the gap between generations and enriching the family dynamic.
  4. Reagan Grandkids’ Career Paths: There’s a desire to see the younger Reagans explore career paths outside of law enforcement, bringing fresh perspectives to the show.
  5. Family-Centric Storyline: A season-long storyline involving the entire Reagan family tackling a major case together would be a satisfying conclusion if Season 14 is indeed the last.
  6. Development of Supporting Characters: Fans want to learn more about supporting characters like Abigail Baker, Garrett Moore, and Sid Gormley, beyond their roles within the family.
  7. Family Unity as Focus: Above all, viewers emphasize the importance of maintaining the close-knit Reagan family dynamic, with family dinners and mutual support remaining central to the show’s appeal.

By addressing these aspects, Season 14 could provide a fulfilling conclusion to Blue Bloods while staying true to its core themes and characters.

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