Blue Bloods Most SHOCKING Moments REVEALED..

Season 12 Episode 19: “Tangled Up in the Blue”: A bizarre episode where Erin’s harmless stalker turns out to be more complicated than expected, involving a mob angle and a sudden disappearance, leaving fans unsatisfied.

Season 10 Finale: Family Secret Unveiled: Sean’s school assignment uncovers a massive family secret, revealing Joe Hill as Frank’s long-lost grandson. The revelation shocks both the Reagan family and fans.

Garrett Moore’s Mistake in Season 7: Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore faces a scandal when a reporter exposes him for accepting gifts, prompting Frank’s anger and surprising fans who didn’t expect such behavior from the trustworthy character.

Jamie Reagan’s Mafia Involvement in Season 2: In an unexpected turn, Jamie gets involved with the mafia during an undercover assignment. This unique storyline captivates fans and adds an intriguing layer to Jamie’s character.

Maria Baez’s Brother in Season 4: Maria’s past comes to light when she discovers her brother, known as “Tic Tac,” is a potential murder suspect. The revelation adds a personal and tense dynamic to the investigation.

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