Blue Bloods Fans Are DEVASTATED With The Latest Season… Here’s Why!

Blue Bloods Season 12 has disappointed fans with confusing and misleading storylines. Episode 2 left viewers scratching their heads with an ominous envelope and Eddie’s questionable behavior, only to reveal a campaign sticker and Eddie studying for an exam. Fan reactions expressed frustration and confusion on social media.

Despite negative feedback, fans continued to support the series, hoping for improvements in future episodes. The absence of Episode 5 as scheduled added to the frustration, with a two-week gap between episodes. Fans also discussed the potential romantic relationship between characters Danny and Maria, with mixed opinions on whether it should happen.

The show’s creator, Kevin Wade, clarified that a romantic relationship between Danny and Maria is not planned. Episode 5, titled “Good Intentions,” is anticipated to address marital tension between Jamie and Eddie, along with other dramatic scenes. Despite challenges, loyal fans remain hopeful for redemption in upcoming episodes.

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