Blue Bloods Cast Member Has REVEALED The Real Reason Why He Left!

Blue Bloods, known for its family dinner scenes, has unintended challenges as the cast must eat for 6-8 hours during these shoots. The scenes are shot in a single day, and the silverware is fake due to noise issues. The cast finds the extended eating challenging, feeling bloated and relieved when done.

Nicholas Turturro’s departure from Blue Bloods after six seasons remains somewhat mysterious. While rumors suggested potential drama, Turturro left to pursue more ambitious projects and would be open to reprising his role. Donnie Wahlberg teased the return of Lyle Lovett’s character, Waylon Gates, a Texas Ranger, confirming his reappearance in the next season.

In an upcoming episode, Jaime will serve as Danny’s handler, adding tension to their relationship. Blue Bloods, now in its 12th season, remains popular, and CBS has given their legacy shows ample renewal opportunities. The main cast seems content, with stability, and there are no signs of major departures after the current season.

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