Blue Bloods Behind The Scene Facts That Will SHOCK You..

  1. Tony and Andrew Terraciano, who play Danny Reagan’s sons, are real-life brothers.
  2. Tom Selleck’s iconic mustache almost got the chop in the first season, but CBS Executives insisted on keeping it.
  3. The family dinner scenes, loved by fans, could take up to five hours to film. Tom Selleck had a clever trick to avoid overeating during these scenes.
  4. Amy Carlson’s exit as Linda Reagan was abrupt, and her character’s off-screen death disappointed fans.
  5. Jennifer Esposito’s departure due to celiac disease led to Megan Boone joining the cast, sparking controversy over casting decisions.
  6. Blue Bloods almost moved production to Toronto due to expired state tax rebates but stayed in New York.
  7. Creators Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green faced conflicts with David Chase and were fired. CBS also parted ways with them after Season 1.
  8. Initially praised for fair portrayal of Catholicism, Blue Bloods faced criticism from the Catholic League in 2014.

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