Blue Bloods actor Tom Selleck Unveils the Truth About Frank’s Romantic Life

Over 12 years, Tom Selleck played Commissioner Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” a character dedicated to family and still wearing his wedding ring in remembrance of his late wife. In Season 11, a potential past relationship with Deborah was hinted at, but Frank remained tight-lipped, stating his focus on work and a reluctance to discuss his romantic life.

In a 2021 Parade interview, Selleck explained that Frank’s lack of interest in dating stems from not fully moving on and his commitment to work. He suggested that any love interest for Frank would require gradual exploration over multiple episodes due to the character’s vulnerability and potential commitment issues.

Selleck compared his stint on “Friends” as Dr. Richard Burke, emphasizing the need for a significant arc for Frank’s potential girlfriend, requiring commitment to stay on the show.

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