Black Clover’s Epic Return Revealed: Manga’s Thrilling Comeback in December 2023! Where to Get Exclusive Early Access and More!

After the Earth-Shattering Events of Chapter 368, Black Clover Descends into Darkness Yet Again – But Now, the Makers Spill the Beans on the Final Release Month! All the Exclusive Details You Need to Know!

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Why is Black Clover manga taking a break?

Black Clover Enthusiasts Witness an Exciting yet Uncertain Turn as the Manga Nears Its Climactic Battle Arc! The Final Showdowns Tease Epic Face-Offs: Lucius vs. Asta vs. Yuno, Yami vs. Morgen, Mereo vs. Morris, Noelle vs. Acier! But Alongside this Hype, a Significant Publishing Shift is Unveiled.

The Shocking News of Black Clover’s Departure from Weekly Shonen Jump Coincided with Chapter 368. Although the Reasons Behind this Transition Remain Shrouded in Mystery, Creators Have Confirmed a Pivot Starting from Chapter 369. The Manga Will No Longer Grace the Pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. Instead, It Finds Its New Home in the Sister Magazine, Jump GIGA. The Twist? Jump GIGA Operates on a Monthly Publishing Schedule, Which Marks a Drastic Departure from the Weekly Releases Fans Have Been Accustomed To. A Wave of Questions Surrounds the Impending Changes!

When will Black Clover Chapter 369 come back?

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According to ANN, the eagerly awaited new chapter of Black Clover is slated for a winter 2023 release, specifically in December 2023. As of the time of composing this piece, the precise release date for GIGA Jump remains a mystery. However, fans can take solace in the fact that Viz Media will persist in providing the digital chapters. Stay tuned for further updates, as we’ll be diligently updating this section with any pertinent information. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on Pinkvilla for the latest updates.

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