Asta just SPOILED the END of Black Clover You Wont Believe It!!!

In the recent manga chapters, members of the Black Bulls, led by Vanessa, travel to the Witch’s Forest to enlist the help of the world’s most marvelous witches in creating a long-distance magic portal for Asta’s return from Hino Country. Meanwhile, chaos reigns in the Clover Kingdom capital, where the population has discovered that their trusted Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, has been possessed by a powerful villain. Marx uses his communication magic to address the citizens and assures them that the real threat is the possessor of Julius’s body, not Julius himself. He also highlights Yuno as the hero who can save the kingdom.

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Dark Lord Seka, initially hesitant, eventually decides to join the fight against Lucius. Lucius is using clones to dominate the battle, and the situation is dire. Yuno’s spell empowers the citizens, and they must use their newfound strength to save themselves and others.

Back in the Witch’s Forest, the Black Bulls are preparing to be transported to the Clover Kingdom. However, an unexpected obstacle arises as Damnatio Kira, now one of Lucius’s paladins, appears to disrupt the teleportation ritual. Lucius dispatches Damnatio to ensure the ritual fails, not caring whether Asta is dead or alive; he simply wants Asta kept away from the Clover Kingdom.

Damnatio uses his scale magic to manipulate magic used against him, thwarting the forest witches’ attempt to stop him. The Black Bulls, including Vice Captain Nozel, Luck, Magna, Charmy, and others, come to confront Damnatio. The chapter ends with Finral, Vanessa, and the other witches crucial to the ritual yet to make an appearance, indicating that the ritual is still underway as the Black Bulls battle Damnatio to buy time for Asta’s return.

It’s clear that Asta will make it back and join the final battle, but the manga adds tension to the ritual by introducing Damnatio. Considering their past interactions, it’s fitting that Damnatio is determined to keep Asta out of the Clover Kingdom by any means necessary.

Now, turning to the Black Clover movie, “Sword of the Wizard King,” it introduces some former Wizard Kings into the story. The central element is the Imperial sword Elsodokia, created by the first Wizard King, Lemiell Silvamillion. This sword can absorb and store immense magic power and unleash it with devastating force. It’s said to contain a piece of every former Wizard King’s soul and magic, designed to pass down their power.

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In the movie’s climax, Asta wields this sword alongside his Demon Slayer sword and anti-magic to defeat Conrad Leto, who, much like Lucius, sought to bring about a world-altering event. Asta needed the combined magic of the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful mages to overpower Conrad, and anti-magic alone was insufficient.

This movie ending resembles what many expected for the manga’s conclusion – a team effort with other powerful mages lending their magic to Asta to create a black hole magic that could consume and destroy Lucius, who possesses immense magic power.

The question now arises: did the movie potentially spoil the manga’s ending? Will the manga take a different route, or will it follow a similar trajectory? How will Lucius be defeated in the manga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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