8 MIND-BLOWING Demon Slayer Theories

1. Dragon-Shaped Attacks are the Strongest:

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One theory suggests that dragon-shaped attacks in the Demon Slayer world are the most potent. Dragons are considered powerful and godly creatures in Japanese culture, and this theory ties this idea to the Sun Breathing style, which includes the Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance. Notably, Tanjiro’s attacks, though not all, also exhibit dragon-like shapes, which is a captivating connection. The theory expands on how dragon-shaped moves are associated with strength in various Breathing styles, including Water and Thunder Breathing.

2. The Significance of Tanjiro’s Black Sword:

Tanjiro’s black sword isn’t just a weapon; it tells a story. As a Sun Breather, Tanjiro’s blade is black, following the tradition of the first Sun Breather, Yoriichi. It symbolizes Tanjiro’s journey from a coal burner, where coal turns black and then red through the heat of fire, to his transformation into a Demon Slayer. The metamorphosis of his sword mirrors his character growth and is a compelling element of the story.

3. Demon Slayer Marks:

The Demon Slayer mark grants impressive power but comes with a deadly cost. According to Kokushibo, those marked will not live past the age of 25. This adds a somber twist to their heroic journey, and it’s uncertain if the curse will vanish with the demise of the Demon King. While Yoriichi lived to 89, there’s no guarantee for Tanjiro and others.

4. Demons May Not Be Completely Eradicated:

Despite Muzan’s death, Yushiro, a demon from Tamayo’s care, remains alive and even paints pictures of her. This hints at the possibility of other demons surviving as well. Moreover, the fact that Muzan himself became a demon through a potion made from the blue spider lily raises the possibility of another mad doctor creating a new Demon King.

5. Lingering Influence of Muzan:

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Muzan’s influence might still lurk in the Demon Slayer world. His blood was injected into Tanjiro, leading to Muzan manifesting in Tanjiro’s mind. This theory questions whether some of Muzan’s dark powers still exist within Tanjiro. Even though Tanjiro resisted Muzan’s influence with the help of his loved ones, the possibility of these powers resurfacing is chilling.

6. Why Nezuko Survived as a Demon in Sun:

This theory speculates that Nezuko’s survival as a demon, while the rest of her family was killed, is linked to Japanese mythology and Shinto traditions. The ancestors of the Kamado family may have protected Tanjiro and Nezuko, saving her from death. The story hints at a “Fire god,” and Tanjiro’s divine power is closely associated with elements of Shintoism.

7. Urokodaki’s Mask:

The reason behind Urokodaki’s mask has sparked humorous theories. Some suggest that he wears it because his face is excessively attractive, and demons used to make fun of it. Others propose that Urokodaki hides his true emotions behind the mask, using it as a shield against the emotional trauma of losing his students.

8. Why Muzan Can’t Reclaim Defeated Demons’ Powers:

Although Muzan has a profound connection to his demons, he doesn’t seem to regain their powers upon their defeat. This theory speculates that when demons are defeated by Demon Slayers, they undergo a process of reflection on their past lives, which leads to their transformation back into humans. This process may effectively burn away their demon powers, preventing Muzan from reclaiming them. It draws parallels with concepts from Buddhist culture, where one’s karma is purged before reincarnation.”

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